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The working principle of the organic fertilizer production line
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      Organic fertilizer production line about livestock equipment production technology, organic fertilizer production line technique as a first step, namely simple composting fermentation technology. Using microbial engineering, fermentation was carried out on the bedding that are rich in livestock and poultry dung differentiation, combined with a biological fermentation bed pig form, is a new way waste harmless disposal. Is pig urine and sawdust, straw, wood chips, rice husk and other bedding mixture, under the special role of microorganism strains, the mixture for useful degradation, digestion, or into other nutrients, thus complete the waste disposal zero emissions.
      Livestock manure yearly produces ten thousand tons the following simple organic fertilizer production line technology process specific operation is as follows:
Preliminary work: the need to dispose of poultry and animal feces (70% water content in the mercy) of weighing points; BM inoculants.
      Production technology: the strains of livestock and poultry manure and BM mixed according to the weight of 1:10 000 shares, then mixing, mixing 2 to 3 times.
Mixing good yeast water should be controlled in 55% 60%, arrived in hand together, let go of both role. Good mixing yeast to build up to the ground, height is not less than 1 m, width is not less than 1.5 m. Unlimited length. 24-48 hours, fermentation temperature can lead to 55 above, up to 70 above, three days can reach deodorization effect. Stacking fermentation 10-15 days to reach pollution-free and national organic standard, can be applied as basic fertilizer and fertilizer.
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