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Livestock manure organic inorganic feilizer disc granulating process
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With disk granulation process researches technology introduction:

1) after processing of livestock feces (cow dung, sheep dung, chicken manure, pig manure, YaFen, etc.), the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, such as filling material qualified raw materials according to the proportion to a blender mixing raw material.

2) to disk homogenizer, through the rotation of the disk not intermittent, will mix the material added to the granulating disc rotating disk.

3) will be processed via the granulating disc microorganism strains of liquid components distributor sprinkled on the disk material, making every each grain with microbial strains from inner to outer; Rotating disc and the rim to produce friction materials and centrifugal effect, make the material produces circumferential movement, make powder rub and squeeze each other between, gradually reunited into a ball; Due to differences in the quality of grain, generated by the gravitational and centrifugal effect is also different, when its gravitational and centrifugal effect increase enough to overcome the friction between the particles will be thrown at this, the smaller particles remained within the disc to continue together with fine powder.

4) to bio-bacterial manure dryer, using made big airflow and the jet fan wind device after processing complete fertilizer initial dry at low temperature. Because of strain, strictly controlling the drying temperature under the temperature of the alive.

5) to thermal screening, sorting particles of tiny particles disc homogenizer back directly, as a core to continue to participate in particles stick into a ball.

6) to secondary bio-bacterial manure dryer, make full use of the large air volume and heat trace thoroughly dry bacterial manure.

7) to organic fertilizer cooling machine, through natural air cooling or forced air cooling cooling fertilizer.

8) to the finished product screening machine, large particles after mill grinding back to disk homogenizer continue to participate in into a ball.

9) via bio-bacterial manure dryer out of the surface of the particles lose small amounts of microbial, added by means of coated machine spray particle on the surface of the microbial strains.

10) to automatic packing scale weighing, packaging, warehousing.

11) drying, cooling and workshop dust after the cyclone, the labyrinth dust chamber and wet washing standard emptying after tertiary treatment.

With disk granulation process researches has the following advantages:

1) intuitive operation, can grasp the running situation of the equipment at any time, if found abnormal can be adjusted in a timely manner.

2) the size of the particles is decided by the Angle of the disc and speed, and the tilt rate of the disc and the speed can be adjusted, so the disc granulating process control of the particle size range is wide, strong adaptability, into a ball rate is very high, can reach 70% ~ 90%.

3) disc granulating process production process short, simple structure, less investment, easy to operate, more suitable for small and medium enterprises.

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