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      Slot turn cast machine pile machine is the most widely used a turn toss pile fermentation equipment, track it includes fermentation tub walking, walking, from electrical devices, and turn left part pile and turn slot device (also known as transit vehicle is mainly used for more groove). Turn left pile working part adopts advanced roller drive and have to lift and can't lift two kinds. Can lift mainly use no more than 5 meters in length, in the tub turn toss pile depth of no more than 1.3 meters.. Flip heap heap of device fixed edge in bearing rack, two main shaft fixed edge in bearing seat, each spindle on welding several arranged in a certain distance and staggered Angle of pile shaft, each flip pile of pile shaft are welding plate. Heap device through the pin shaft connected to the walking device. Walking device of the bearing seat fixed on the walking frame, walking with two other one I fixed edge in shaft bearing, one end of the every other one axis I through coupling the spindle II connected to one side, and two output shaft of the reducer II respectively through the other end of the coupling and two other one axis II. Electric hoist lifting device fixed edge on walking frame, one end of the rope around the electric hoist, the other end fixed on the double pile frame.

      Slot double push the machine is suitable for livestock and poultry dung, sludge waste, sugar mill filter mud, groove, sawdust and straw residue cake fermentation of organic wastes such as push, widely used in organic fertilizer factory, fertilizer plant, sludge stink, king and the fermentation of agaricus bisporus planting factory and rotten and removing moisture. Its main features:

      1. Suitable for aerobic fermentation, fermentation room with solar energy, fermentation tank and transitional machine, etc. And with the use of transitional machine can achieve more in one slot.

      2. The matched fermentation tank can be continuous discharge can be expected on the batch. High efficiency, stable operation, strong and durable, and turn evenly.

      3. The control cabinet centralized control, which can realize manual or automatic control function.

      4. Equipped with soft starter, impact load is low when it is started.

      5. With the pull out tooth pressure lifting system.

      6. Pulling teeth strong and durable, the material has a certain breaking and mixing ability.

      7. Limit switch, limit and security.


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